Saturday, 27 June 2015

Welcome to the basics!

❣️ If you are looking for an alphabetized listing of items, where to make them & which territories, please visit Golden Frontier Index (GFI) by clicking here . The GFI also has a NOTICE BOARD where you can stay up to date with gaming news, changes & announcements. Find FEEDBACK FORMS & SNEAK PEEK INTO UPCOMING UPDATES in GFI too ❣️ 

Before we dive right in to individual areas, let's get you familiar with some basics. Getting to know areas within your game is one of the key factors to you knowing where to find 'things'. When you first log into your game, the frontier that loads is your home base called Cloudy Lands. The area YOU FIRST SEE is what I like to refer to as the "loading zone" & this is the area you should ideally place any 'clickables' as it is faster & easier for visitors to click on without wasting time trolling around your frontier looking (many players will abruptly leave your frontier if they do not see a 'clickable' in the loading zone so you potentially miss out on plenty of clicks. 'Clickables' are any structures introduced into the game that require the help of neighbors to 'fill'/'click'.  Please note that clickables may also need to be placed at other locations other than Cloudy Lands, depending on the type of update that rolls out. Best advice, if you can place it on Cloudy Lands, DO SO! You will be able to travel to other locations as they are released by clicking on the Map icon located lower left of your game screen. Please be careful travelling as there are travelling requirements! Take some time to check out each icon and what they entail.  There is absolutely no harm snooping around in your game! If you are unsure about areas or features, ask a friend or post in a group! When you first start out in the game, it may be tempting to rush into goals and even to start chopping, building, growing, purchasing, etc.  Please be aware that water, energy, coins and a few other basic resources are at a premium when you first start off. So progress will appear to be slow at first until you are able to stock up on some resources.

One of the main questions players ask is "what should I start building first?". Ok, here is a relatively simple yet ingenious concept:  Just follow the goal paths and as you go along, eventually you will be required to build/purchase structures and other items based on goal requirements. Also note rewards for goals - some of the rewards can come in handy and be of use for the next goal (example, items needed to build new structure). If you are new to the game, you may be hit up with SEVERAL released goals already sitting & waiting for you, as well, each week players will receive a new update...
IGNORE NEW WEEKLY RELEASED UPDATES FOR NOW! FOLLOW QUESTS THAT ARE IN THE VERY BACK OF YOUR QUEST JOURNAL "NOTEBOOK" LOCATED UPPER LEFT CORNER OF YOUR GAME SCREEN. ****Effective Jan 2018, players can now HIDE goals so that the goal icons disappear from the game screen. Recommended for new players: Go into Quest Journal and click on the 'Hide' button for all newest goals & possibly even goals that are further in your journal. Hide all except a few updates that you wish to work on. Hiding goals will help you not become confused & you can then concentrate specifically on specific updates.  DO NOT PANIC.  If you go to your Shop menu, click on the 'New' Tab and scroll to the very far right. You will see 'goal' panels as they have been released - The first panel is called "Awakening", the second is "Mining", the 3rd is "Circus", and so on. Use the gold/yellow arrows on either side of your shop menu to flip back & forth to view all panels. These panels will show buildings released and decorative/functioning items as well. These panels coincide with the goal icons located on the left of your game screen. As it appears these goal icons can randomly change order on your screen, try your best to concentrate on a few goals at a time and eventually you will eliminate quest lines. 

AS OF DECEMBER 2015, Players can now easily follow questlines by using the Goal Notebook located at the top upper left area of your game screen. !!  Click on it and scroll to the quests in book that are in the beginning (You can click on the # at the bottom to fast-travel to the beginning of book or you can use arrow key and flip back to the right and keep going until you reach the book from right to left!  For new players, you might want to click on the ACTIVE tab for the first while as these are updates that are currently available to you. All updates in the 'All' tab will show you both available and locked updates. Locked updates will require you to complete previous updates, so best to just click & work on Active first

Your notebook is located on the upper left of your game screen. Click on it to view all updates (ideally new players should start at the beginning as quests will get you set up & prepared with necessary structures, etc that will coincide with the next update in sequence.

You can also view goal updates by clicking on your SHOP menu icon, then click on yellow New! tab

Ingredient/Resource Production Structures & Buildings

BEFORE ATTEMPTING TOO MANY GOALS - You will want to work on building preliminary structures which will produce materials which you would normally have to get using your own energy collecting from your own frontier (wood, stone/rock, ore, clay). Some of the base structures you may want to begin working on building: Smithy, Workshop, Pottery, Mine, etc. Some players find that making more than 1 of each is extremely helpful. Yes, it does take time to build these but remember, the goals sitting on the left will remain there until you are able to get to them. There will be goals which require you to purchase/build a structure (example: Rock Quarry), you can build the rock quarry well in advance before you actually get a goal asking for this. The previously built 'structure' will register on the goal.  There will also  be goals that ask you to collect resources from within your Frontier so it is a good idea to leave a stash of each type of resource untouched for goals. If you have structures which produce these materials, you can produce a never-ending supply!

Build you frontier up first, then work on goals. "You can not build a house if you don't have a good foundation first!!!"


Energy is replenished every 3 minutes and will reach full energy bar limits - we will call this auto energy. When you first start off, you will have a maximum of only 34 energy allowed at any one given time to be stored from the 3 minute intervals. You can exceed that limit when receiving energy from visiting neighbors, goal completions, etc. If you exceed your set limit of auto energy, additional auto energy can not be added every 3 minutes. As you use some energy and are back under the assigned base limit, auto energy will begin accumulating once again. As you increase in game play level, your energy limit will slowly increase as well. Click here to see other various methods of obtaining ENERGY!! Look up Energy under "E" section


Effective September 2015, a limit to the number of neighbors we can have has been changed from unlimited to 2000. Players have only 200 regular guest actions or visit actions daily. For each neighbor you visit, you can perform 5 'clicks' in their frontier. If using all 5 for every neighbor, you will be able to visit 40 neighbors. Most players are using 1 action per neighbor so they can visit more than 40 neighbors (you can potentially visit a max. of 200 neighbors if using only 1 action per neighbor!). Ideally you would want to click on circus tents as those give you anywhere from 0 to 3 energy per tent. Gold deposits and structures/items with gold stars over them in neighbor's Frontiers are clickable and can produce items for collections. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT THE ONLY HELPFUL FUNCTION YOU PROVIDE TO YOUR NEIGHBOR WHEN VISITING IS BY CLICKING ON THEIR 'CLICKABLES' which will have a pointing finger/hand hovering over top. We are not able to assist our neighbors in any other areas on their frontier. Perhaps future game installments will provide more opportunities for us to help neighbors when we visit.

Please note that when you visit a neighbor, you can tell which neighbor you visited as a set of black footprints will be left on their profile picture on neighbor row.

Please note that when you visit neighbors, there is no way of your neighbor knowing you dropped by, unless of course you clicked on their 'clickable' and it shows your picture inside/

Neighbors who have been away from their game for an extended amount of time will show 💤 (set of Z's). Their absence could be due to personal reasons interferring with game play or they have decided to quit the game. To remove 'sleeping' neighbors from your game, unfortunately the only way to remove them is to unfriend them on Facebook.


You will find everything you need in the Shop. The Shop icon is located in the lower right hand area, and provides purchasable goods which include the following (additions/changes may occur with any game updates/enhancements made): \New, Plants, Production, Animals, Decorations, Important

In each group tab, you can flip through pages by using the gold arrows to the left/right of the display area, or you can use the buttons located at the bottom. The number of buttons located at the bottom is indicative of how many pages there are in that that item area. You can also perform a WORD SEARCH for an item if you know which area it would be located in. Simply type the name (or key word) of the item in the search box and that item will appear. This comes in handy when there are several pages of items.


Gifting will play a vital social role in this game.  Players will have the option to put items they need on their 'wishlists' which then friends will be able to see and gift.

There are FREE GIFTS players can gift out (these are needed in daily production functions so it's ideal to update your wishlists as soon as possible so that you begin receiving these items and stock up in inventory. There is not set limit known yet as to how many items we can store in our Warehouse - we will just say it is unlimited at the time of this update.


We can only hold/receive 100 gifts at one time, so be sure to collect often so that you can keep on receiving!

You can claim gifts in ONE swift click or many clicks. You accepts gifts sent to you by clicking on the Gifts icon located bottom left corner of game screen. If you want to accept all gifts quickly, click on the Accept All button at the top right of your gift menu. If you prefer to click on one gift at a time,  click the Accept button located beside each gift sent. Using 'Accept All' comes in handy if you have a full giftbox. For the time being we will skip using the 'Give back' button as this will just bring you to the Send area (see section below explaining
 "Show those who look for" button)


Very important to have this updated so others can send to you daily!

1. Click on your Gifts icon (located lower left of game screen).

2. Click on Send button at the top. This will open up the menu of all FREE gifts.  Click on the the + sign and your Wish List menu will open up. 

3. You will see vacant slots. To add an item to your wishlist, simply click on your vacant slot. To remove and replace any item from your wishlist, click on the item on your wishlist menu bar.

4. You can add 'specialty gifts' to your wishlist that are not from free gifts - items which are needed for projects, etc.  For example, if you need building items, the process works exactly the same as adding from Gifts tab. Depending on what structure or goal you are working on, you need to be on the watch for the +signs - any item with this +sign can be added to your wishlist (most times you can do this from your Warehouse as long as you have at least 1 of those items stored). Go to your warehouse and find the item you want to put on your wishlist, click on the + sign :)

HOW TO GIFT (from Free Gifts icon)!

You can see what your neighbors/friends have on their wishlist simply by HOVERING your mouse over their profile picture on the NEIGHBOR ROW. You can also access their wishlists from within the Gifts icon as well as from within your Warehouse. Warehouse icon is located with a cluster of icons located on the lower right hand side.

IMPORTANT! Before SENDING gifts to your friends, you need to know that it costs you nothing to send from Free Gifts, however, specialty items not from Free Gifts may be  DEDUCTED FROM YOUR OWN INVENTORY! If you gift from using Wishlist menus from 'neighbor row', ALL items, including those from Free Gifts, will be deducted from your warehouse. I do not recommend gifting from neighbor row at this time, especially if your warehouse is low in items.  Please gift from Gifts icon for now, and if there is a 'trading post' set up in group, that is where you would want to use warehouse gifting so that trades/swapping can occur!

1. Click on Gifts icon and then on SEND button.

2. As friends have different free gifts on their wishlists, it will be extremely helpful if YOU send each TYPE of free gift as an individual gift. You will end up performing several sending actions, but it is well worth it for your friends to receive items they wish for! You can SCROLL though items using the gold arrows so that you do not have to leave the 'area'...this eliminates a lot of flipping back and forth. The following example wishlist item we will use is grass:

3. Click on "Show those who look for" button, that button will have changed to "Show All".
*** Select 25 names to gift to, click on Send at the bottom (sorry I did not crop photo to include the send button!)
*** Click on gold left/right arrows that change the gift to the next gift (example Glue)and repeat steps of selecting 25 friends & send. Choose next gift using arrows and repeat sending in batches of 25. You can flip back and forth between gifts sending in batches of 25 until there are no more names to send to.

HOW TO GIFT (from Warehouse icon)!

IMPORTANT! Before gifting from Warehouse, you need to know that any items you gift will be deducted from your own Warehouse inventory. Trading/Swapping items with other friends on a trading post section or arrangement is an ideal to ensure you also gain as you gift!

1. Click on your Warehouse icon  located with a cluster of icons located on the lower right hand side.

2. Locate specialty/warehouse item you wish to gift, then click on the 'gift box/present' icon. This will bring up a complete list/menu. The process is the same as gifting from Free Gifts. Select  "Show those who look for', etc. Double check those friends need this item by hovering mouse over profile pic to ensure item picture displays, then send. 

3. Ideally, sending gifts from your warehouse is called 'specialty gifts' as they are not included in our Free Gifts menu. Reasons to send 'specialty gifts' would be instances whereby a friends posts in group they need a particular item, you can access this item by searching in your warehouse and sending directly from there, or if they have added that 'specialty item' to their wishlist, find them on neighbor row. Hover your mouse over their profile picture and their wishlist will display. If the item they are asking for has been added to their wish list, you can click on the item directly from their pop up wishlist and you will be brought to your 'warehouse'.